Traceability is guaranteed by a precise operating process that begins with the entry of the product into the company and the affixing of the first label containing information on the supplier, category and lot: the process allows the monitoring of each product, field and greenhouse, ensuring full transparency for the consumer.


After packaging, the products are classified by a new label with customer, category and batch information. The company then proceeds with the printing of an further label, intended for outgoing packages and pallets, on which the general indications relating the content are given in summary. This system allows to reconstruct, at any time, the "history" of the product batch, including the origin of the raw materials, processing methods and checks performed.


Agizza Ciro adopts objective methods for the identification and traceability of compliance requirements of its products and tests, every year, its system to ensure the correct transmission of information and indications throughout the supply chain, from raw materials to finished products. These tests, which include quantitative checks and mass balances, are also recorded and archived for further investigation.