The company Agizza Ciro ensures the traceability of its products, in compliance with the provisions of EC Reg. 178/02, through: identification of products in and out, with the relative printing of identification labels, and registration on the business management of the lots delivered to the different customers. The traceability is guaranteed by a specific operating procedure that starts with the product's entry into the company and the posting of the first label containing information on supplier, category and lot.


After the processing and packaging phase, the products are identified with a new label containing information on customers, category and lot. The company then proceeds with the printing of an additional stamp, destined for packages and pallets at the exit, on which are summarized, in summary, the general indications relating to the content. This system allows to rebuild, at any time, the "history" of the product lot, including the origin of raw mate.


The Agizza Ciro company adopts objective methods for the identification and traceability of the conformity requirements of its products and tests its traceability system every year to ensure correct transmission of information and indications throughout the supply chain first to the finished products. These tests, which include quantitative checks and mass balances, are in turn recorded and archived for further investigation.trials, processing methods and checks carried out.